An experienced civil engineer with more than 15 years of experience, Rami Tawasha serves as a senior project manager for Constructive Solutions, Inc., a commercial general contractor based in San Mateo and San Francisco. Under his leadership, the firm performs services ranging from design build to tenant improvement and renovation for corporate offices, medical facilities, building renovation, seismic retrofit, industrial and retail spaces across the San Francisco Bay Area.

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What Is Fit-Out Construction

In its core sense, ‘To Fit Something Out’ means to equip something or someone with all the necessary things. In commercial construction, the term ‘Fit-Out’ describes the construction activities of interior space to meet the commercial tenant’s requirements. Generally, when constructing commercial buildings, developers or landlords leave the interiors bare for the tenants to decide…

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11 Things You Must Know About Tenant Improvement Allowances (TIA)

The expenses you have to incur to make the building fit for running your business in the newly leased building are covered under the tenant improvement allowances. As the build-outs you make in the building are necessary for entering into and taking possession of the building, these are covered under the Tenant improvements, and this forms part of your rental agreement with your landlord.