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Everything You Need To Know About Medical Office Construction

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Rami Tawasha

Medical office construction is not like any other ordinary construction.

It has to be done in a particular manner so that your medical office’s functional activities are provided. With the right space, a good architect, and an experienced builder, building a medical office will not be that difficult. But still, you need to take care of so many issues before and after commencing your medical office construction project.

Here are some of the most important tips that will help you build and use the ideal dental or medical office for your medical practice:

Be Aware Of Your Limits When Undertaking Your Medical Office Construction:

As a medical practitioner, you will be well versed in medical matters. But you may not be aware of all the issues that are connected with building a medical office. You must recognize this and take all possible steps to involve the right type of persons to help you in the medical office construction.

Your years of study in the school or your college education are in a different field. You may not have enough knowledge in supervising and managing the project for building a medical office. It would help if you understood that you have to spend a considerable amount of time and energy to acquire the knowledge necessary to manage a big construction project while undertaking your medical office construction.

This knowledge alone may not be necessary to complete the project, and you need more experience in the construction field. You should understand that building a medical office is not a DIY project and get your project going by appointing the right General contractor and the best architect who has the necessary experience in completing similar projects as yours.

Go for Competitive Bidding

 It is always necessary to go for competitive bidding while planning your medical office construction. Though this may be a time-consuming process, do not neglect this way of finding your ideal team to undertake to build a medical office as per your requirements.

Take your time in deciding on the set of requirements for your medical office construction.

Prepare a complete work document scope and provide them to your probable set of construction professionals and call for their bids. Make it clear that the bid for building a medical office must be submitted before a particular timeline.

Consider the bids in a detailed manner. If you need any clarifications, get them. Have a clear view of the General contractor or the Architect’s offerings and make an apple-to-apple comparison. If you cannot do this by yourself, do not hesitate to take professional help in finding the right bid for your medical office construction project.

Ask For References & Check Them To Know About The Team You Are Going To Work With

Never trust your gut feelings only, and do not ignore the formality of asking for references from the past project owners. This is the only way to know fully about a General Contractor or an Architect to know how they have completed their past projects and how they have dealt with their past project owners.

This step in building a medical office is very vital to know about the persons with whom you are going to work shortly.

Be prepared with the set of general questions to ask as well as the special questions relating to the professional skill set of a particular person. Carefully note down the replies and consider them in the right spirit so that you can get a complete picture of the person, his work ethics, his way of dealing with others, his financial management, his way of working, his skill sets, and how that is going to help your medical office construction project.

Participate In The Medical Office Construction Planning:

 Spend your time with the planning professionals who are involved in preparing the plan for building a medical office for you. Though you may not completely involve yourself in your medical office construction’s day-to-day construction activities, you have to spend considerable time with your construction team at the planning stage.

This is necessary for making clear your requirements to the construction team and confirms that all your requirements are completely included in the building plan.

So call for a meeting of your general contractor, your architect, the main subcontractors, and your owner representative, and other stakeholders in the medical office construction project. Discuss with them and make sure all your requirements and special needs for the project are taken care of.

Avoid Medical Office Construction Specialists To Save Your Money

When you are in the planning stage of building a medical office, you will be searching for the right people to make the team that is going to conduct your project. During this time, you will be advised to have construction professionals who are specialists in medical office construction.

This, they will say, will help you have the best chance of completing the project by medical office construction specialists. But when you see the cost of these so-called specialists in building a medical office, their billing will be about 20 to 50% more than other well-established construction professionals.

You need not go for these specialists. You can select well-established and experienced General contractors and architects who are generalists with the ability to convert your requirements into a well-laid outbuilding plan.

They need to have the ability to give the best shape to your building plan at the best price. So, avoid medical office construction specialists who are not going to add proportionate value to your project as to the additional amount you are required to pay them.

Please take the necessary steps to call for other service providers like your medical equipment suppliers, IT service providers, etc. They can also understand your requirements and communicate their special requirements in building a medical office so that no problem arises while fixing their equipment in the building.

Commence Your Medical Office Construction Based On a Well Drafted Construction Agreement

Always insist on a well-drafted construction agreement, and building a medical office must be commenced only after signing the agreement that contains the clauses which you understand fully. Never allow your medical office construction without the agreement, and take your time to read and understand every clause contained in the construction agreement.

A liquidated damage clause is a must-have in the construction agreement. It is the right type of protection you can have against your General contractor to ensure that the medical office construction is completed as per the agreed schedule. The clause for liquidated damage provides you with the option of getting compensation for the delay in the completion of the project.

Do Not Restrict Yourself With Conventional Thinking

One of the major blocks in bringing innovations into the medical office construction project may be your sticking to conventional thinking and your hesitation to think out of the box. With the present-day technological and other advancements in every field of construction, you need to stick on and go with a convenient way of planning and doing the construction.

Think out of the box and search for new ideas and other ways of doing conventional things, especially when you are stuck up with problems that need solutions to proceed with your project.

Think, look and hear from around you and take all the good things that you think will add value to your medical office construction and include them in your planning, and this will help you build your medical office in the way you want.

Be Aware Of All The Contracts & What They Mean To Your Medical Office Construction Project

Once all the planning is done and all the contracts with all your construction team are drafted, get hold of them, and give a thorough reading and fully understand the scope of the contracts. If you need any clarification or you find that some clauses lack clarity go redrafting them till they can carry the meaning you want to be carried in the way you want.

Please do this for each of the contracts and discuss with them and clarify all the grey areas to make them the basis for your medical office construction so that once the project is started, it proceeds as per the terms of the contracts and completes the way you want.


When you are undertaking your medical office construction project, proceed with caution, knowing your limits of knowledge on construction, and try to know all the things about the conducting of the project.

You can save a considerable amount by not going for specialists and selecting well-experienced generalists. Please participate in the planning process, and select the construction team based on competitive bidding, and select them after checking the references. Think out of the box, try to find new solutions to your problems, and start your project after getting all the contracts drafted and understanding their contents well.

These are only some of the most important tips you can follow while doing your medical office construction; and always trust your common sense and be clear of what you want while building a medical office for you.

If you are looking for a reliable commercial general contractor to undertake your project, you can surely contact us to get our quote for your project.

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Rami Tawasha

An experienced civil engineer with more than 15 years of experience, Rami Tawasha serves as a senior project manager for Constructive Solutions, Inc., a commercial general contractor based in San Mateo and San Francisco. Under his leadership, the firm performs services ranging from design build to tenant improvement and renovation for corporate offices, medical facilities, building renovation, seismic retrofit, industrial and retail spaces across the San Francisco Bay Area.

Published by
Rami Tawasha

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